Saturday, November 23, 2013

About Me & Beginnings with Makeup


Here's to my very first blog post!

What motivated me to start this blog is because I want to share my love of makeup.  Personally, I will always read reviews before I buy a product, and I have to thank them for saving me a ton of time and effort in trying to find something that will work for me.  Reading what others have to say about it gives me a certain confidence that I will be investing in the right product, and here I hope to provide the same insight that I have gotten from other beauty blogs.  

I have to give a very big THANK YOU to Christine from Temptalia and Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog for being my main source of inspiration when it comes to starting a beauty blog.  I have long since lost the number of times I have searched a review of products on their blogs before making the purchase, and they have been nothing but objective and extremely helpful.  

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions, and I will be glad to answer to the best of my ability!  

With love,



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